Committee Chairs

2014 Committee and Council Chairs

Program and Seminar Committee

Chair: Toni Harris (The Time Group)
Co-Chair: Careese Warren (Southern Management Corporation)

PMEXPO Committee

Co-Chairs: Jami Castillo (Park Rug) and Zakiya Kainu (Southern Management Corporation)

Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Amanda Ingle (API - Associates Plumbing, Inc.) and Miguel Espinoza (ROSS Management Services)

Community Service Committee

Co-Chairs: Carrie Ehart (Raine & Son) and Lewis Shapiro (Shapiro & Company)

Associate Membership Council

Chair: Ken Klimpl (Brook Furniture Rental)
Chair-Elect: Dani Bressler (Toepfer Construction Company)
Vice Chair: Joe Scheffres (Scheffres Laundry Service)

Spring Break Committee

Co-Chairs: Mike Scheffres (Scheffres Laundry Service) and A. J. Glascock (LCOR)

Holiday Ball Committee

Co-Chairs: Becky Hodnett (Southern Management Corporation) and Armani Mahoozi (Lux Floors)

August Social Committee

Co-Chairs: Larry Edmonds (Owl Pest Prevention) and Alla Shtipelman  (ROSS Management Services)

Marketing Council

Chair: Kimberly Cueva (Polinger Shannon & Luchs)
Co-Chair: Susie Goldberg Rike (Southern Management Corporation)

Operations Council

Chair: Ann Sullivan (DARO Management Services)
Co-Chair: Rick Lowman (Southern Management Corporation)

Affordable Housing Council

Chair: Kristin Larimore  (Humphrey Management)
Co-Chair: Traci Lutz (Edgewood Management)

Human Resources Council

Chair: Stacy Cohen (Axent Realty Group)

PACE Awards Committee

Co-Chairs: Susie Goldberg Rike (Southern Management Corporation) and Jesse Martinez (Polinger Shannon & Luchs)

Future PMA Leaders

Careese Warren (Southern Management Corporation)
Alla Shtipelman  (ROSS Management Services)