awards and recognition

Associate Member of the Year Award

Until 2019, the Associate Member of the Year Award was presented to an Associate Member firm based on the following criteria:

  • involvement in and contributions to PMA during the past year,
  • business conduct and adherence to the Code of Ethics,
  • support of community activities and other property management organizations,
  • significant efforts developing improved products and services and procedures related to property management, promotion of cost-price management in the interest of controlling costs,
  • relationship and cooperation with other Associate Members.


Associate Member of the Year Award Recipients

2018 Millennium Marketing Solutions
2017 Electronic Security Services, Inc.
2016 Residency Bureau
2015 Hawkins Electrical Service
2014 Brook Furniture Rental
2013 Scheffres Laundry Service
2012 Toepfer Construction Co.
2011 CuraFlo Mid Atlantic
2010 American Pest
2009 Ted Ross Consulting
2008 Arc Water Treatment
2007 InterSolutions
2006 Minkoff Company, Inc.
2005 CORT Furniture Rental
2004 McCormick Paints
2003 W.P. Donaldson & Son
2002 Noyes Air Conditioning
2001 The Washington Post
2000 Otis Elevator
1999 Keane Contracting
1998 First American Registry
1997 American Combustion Industries
1996 Don Brown Group Benefits
1995 Energy Dezign Corporation
1994 Toepfer Construction Co., Inc.
1993 Central Wholesalers, Inc.
1992 Washington Canopies, Inc.
1991 Creative Leisure Products, Inc.
1990 Whelan Barsky & Graham, P.C.
1989 James Vito, Inc.
1988 Ro/Co Corporation
1987 Palmer Brothers Painting Contractors, Inc.
1986 Engineering & Technical Consultants, Inc. (ETC)
1985 Furniture Rentors of America
1984 Daycon Products Company, Inc.
1983 The Warner Corporation
Millennium Marketing Solutions
2018 Associate Member of the Year Millennium Marketing Solutions