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Stanley F. Reid Humanitarian Award

Until 2019, the Stanley F. Reid Humanitarian Award was presented to a member who exemplified boundless humanitarianism, having devoted life and career to bettering the human condition. Winners were required to personify the doctrine that one’s primary duty is to work for the welfare of the human race, and must have made a significant difference in the workplace and/or the community on a continual basis.


Stanley F. Reid Humanitarian Award Recipients

2018 Jennifer Casey
2017 Amanda Ingle
2016 Larry Edmonds
2015 Elisabeth Kirk
2014 Carrie Ehart
2013 Valarie Zerizght
2012 The Brickman Group
2010 Paul Dillon
2009 Rasheedah Ahmed
2008 Stanley F. Reid
2007 Kara Permisohn
2006 David Hillman
2005 Scott Donaldson
2004 John Taylor
2003 Ron Frank
2002 Elliot Bernold
2001 Randy Denchfield
2000 Carl Toepfer
1999 H. Jace Greene, III
1998 Gary L. Campbell
1997 Tom Gregory
Jennifer Casey
2018 Winner Jennifer Casey