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Maintenance Professional Awards

Maintenance Professional Award entries were due September 10, 2021. Awards will be presented at the PMA 2021 Awards Ceremony - Celebrating Excellence in Our Industry on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at the North Bethesda Marriott Conference Center Hotel.

The Maintenance Professional Awards Program recognizes the outstanding performance of maintenance and operations technicians and teams. Property managers, management companies and individuals participating in the Maintenance Professional Awards receive the following benefits:

Boost Morale and Improve Teamwork. Participating in PMA’s Maintenance Professional Awards Program demonstrates that you care about, and appreciate, the efforts and achievements of your maintenance staff and teams.

Industry Recognition. Awards will be presented at a November Awards Ceremony. Winners will be showcased in PMA’s BULLETIN and via social media.

Increase Occupancies. PMA will provide a marketing kit to help you promote your winning team members. Use those marketing tools to drive prospective residents to your community and to retain existing residents.

Improve Performance. PMA’s Maintenance Professional Awards Program recognizes maintenance professionals’ contributions to properties’ overall efficiency and productivity and encourages excellence in maintenance, engineering and operations. The Maintenance Professional Awards Program establishes benchmarks and promotes betterment in service quality.

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