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Promote Your Business

PMA Associate Members are firms that provide products and services used in the management and operation of multifamily residential and commercial properties and property management companies.

PMA provides Associate Members access to the leading property management professionals in the national capital area and offers multiple opportunities to expand your personal and professional network, promote your business and improve sales.

The opportunities available to promote you and your business and establish meaningful relationships with property managers and property management companies include:


  • Advertising in BULLETIN (PMA’s monthly magazine).
  • Advertising in the PMEXPO Program.
  • Serving as a PMA corporate sponsor.
  • Sponsoring a PMA event.
  • Exhibiting at PMEXPO – the largest one-day property management trade show in the nation.


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Practical Associate Member Education

The Associate Membership Council sponsors three to four annual professional development training sessions for Associate Members. The semi-annual roundtables feature property management executives explaining their procurement practices and offering tips and advice for Associate Members to get their foot in the door of property management companies. Associate Member seminars provide guidance to improve sales skills, social media strategies, marketing campaigns, network building, presentation skills and closing techniques, among other topics. Check the PMA Calendar for the next Associate Member roundtable or seminar.