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PMA was created for property managers by property managers in 1952 to help make property managers’ jobs easier and more rewarding. PMA’s practical education programs help property managers:

  • quickly and expertly find answers for common workplace challenges that save you time and help improve your NOI
  • build a peer network that can be tapped at a moment’s notice that makes you look great in front of owners, property management directors and residents and tenants
  • capitalize on property management’s most successful practices to improve operations and enhance the bottom line
  • keep their fingers on the pulse of industry trends to enable you to be among the first to capitalize on opportunities.
  • develop leadership skills to help assure you get the promotion you want and deserve
  • advance professionally to fast track a climb on the career ladder

Full Membership

A Full Member is a property manager who currently is either employed as a property manager or is actively seeking such employment. A property manager is defined as an owner or an employee of an owner or property management firm, who is actively involved in the full-time management of one or more residential, commercial or income-producing properties and who has authority to create and/or implement a management program for such properties, such activity to include selection of providers of goods and services, administration of personnel, and/or such related activities which in the opinion of the Board of Directors qualify the individual for membership.

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Associate Membership

Associate members are firms that provide products and services used in the management and operation of residential, commercial or income-producing properties and property management companies.

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