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Suze Orman Gives Exclusive Interview to PMA BULLETIN

Suze Orman

Don't miss BULLETIN's April issue! In an anticipation of Suze Orman's talk at PMEXPO, PMA BULLETIN interviewed Suze about what it takes to manage money and discover your own path to financial freedom. Suze also explained why talking to your bathroom mirror adds to your financial wisdom and admitted that her concept of having fun is to never repeat things that were not fun. Click here to read the interview.

PMA Launches PMEXPO 2014 Web Site

This year's EXPO at Walter E. Washington Convention Center will be bigger and better than ever. PMA has launched a special web site for its signature trade show to share its new vision, new venue and new value! The site features all the information and resources that PMEXPO attendees need to take better advantage of PMEXPO offerings. The site also makes it convenient to register for PMEXPO's complimentary VIP pass, complimentary Keynote Address by Suze Orman and all PMEXPO programs and events. Click here to explore the site and get ready to spend the most productive day of the year at PMEXPO, April 17. / PMA Up to the Minute, February 18, 2014

Suze Orman to Keynote at PMEXPO

PMEXPO promised something completely new, fresh and exciting, and we are making good on our word. Suze Orman, star of CNBC’s The Suze Orman Show and the nation’s most visible and trusted financial advisor, will present the keynote address at PMEXPO, Thursday, April 17, 2014. She will bring her straightforward, tough and honest advice to the PMEXPO podium and relate how professional property managers can use her advice for their financial security and peace of mind. In keeping with PMEXPO’s theme of new vision, new venue, new value, there is no charge for PMEXPO attendees to hear Suze Orman’s Keynote Address. However, you must reserve in advance to take advantage of this incredible offer and opportunity. Click here to register. / PMA Up to the Minute, January 27, 2014

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