Lead-Paint Brochures

Are you complying with EPA's requirement to provide residents at your communities constructed before 1978 with guidance to protect their families from hazards associated with lead-containing paint? If not, PMA can help. PMA reproduced EPA's brochure, "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home," and offers copies at a lower price. For questions about shipping and handling costs, call the PMA office at 301-657-9200.

PMA Member Costs
Companies ordering 100 or more copies will be charged for additional shipping fees.

Price: $0.60

Brochures in bulk (Price per copy):

50 Brochures (member), $0.60
51-100 Brochures (member), $0.58
101-250 Brochures (member), $0.56
251-500 Brochures (member), $0.53
501-1000 Brochures (member), $0.50
1001-2500 Brochures (member), $0.45
2501-5000 Brochures (member), $0.40
5000+ Brochures (member), $0.35